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You have the power to choose how you respond to the situations you find yourself in. Your response determines whether or not the situation and your view of it improves.

WELCOME!  This is the official site for Greg Page, the original, founding Yellow Wiggle.  Here, you will find a lot of great information about Greg, his music and his loves!

Find links to purchase Greg's music including his most recent release, "Let It Be Me" (and other releases) on music download sites or through his own store.

You can listen to the Greg Page Radio Station which contains a great array of Greg's music.  There are so many songs available to listen to, including lots of previously unreleased audio from live concerts in Nashville, Las Vegas and Australia which feature members of the TCB Band.

Take some time to look around - we hope you enjoy what you find!

New DVD, "Butterscotch's Playground" released on iTunes today! Check it out or go to to find out more or purchase physical copies of the DVD!